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 Lupus Awareness

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PostSubject: Lupus Awareness   Mon Feb 13, 2012 10:03 pm

One Discussion I wanted to start was one on Lupus Awareness. confused

This off topic board will allow me to discuss Lupus, and possibly meet others who also suffer from this disease.

I was diagnosed with Lupus end of 2009- beginning of 2010 after the birth of my first child.
It did not come as a surprise to me because it runs heavily in my genealogy on both sides of my family.

However, I still took the news very hard and had trouble coping with my symptoms.
I needed something to get my mind off the pain, and overwhelming fear of what having Lupus would mean for me.
My Aunt passed away from Lupus complications, at a young age of 33.

Then I found Genealogy. Genealogy has calmed my mind and given me something to be passionate about on really tough days. Also, as I learn of the hardships others have experienced and their families’ stories it strengthens me that everyone has things they have/had to deal with. Genealogy gives me comfort.

I wish to share the Joy and Peace of Genealogy with everyone, so they too can have something to be passionate about.
Family is so important, and life on this earth is so short lived.

Lupus affects more than 1.5 million Americans, and at least 5 million people worldwide. To learn more about lupus, visit http://www.lupus.org/. flower

Giving Tree Genealogy
Email: givingtreegenealogy@yahoo.com
Website: http://givingtreegenealogy.tripod.com/
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Lupus Awareness
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